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Hosting a marathon? Planning a youth basketball tournament? Organizing a panel on active living? OAM/Metro Sports Medicine provides sponsorship, support and medical coverage in a variety of contexts—for student and professional athletes as well as local community events. Become an OAM/Metro Sports Medicine partner today.

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Weekend Warriors

Be it a tennis match, a bike ride to the shoreline or training for a half marathon—we are committed to keeping you healthy as you actively enjoy your free time.

Professional Athletes

Official sports medicine team of the Grand Rapids Griffins, we match professional athletic skill with professional medical expertise pre-game, on the clock and after the victory.

Student Athletes

Serving as team physicians for many of the area’s colleges, universities and high schools, we offer personalized, orthopaedic and osteopathic treatments to any athlete, ensuring you have your very best season.

Services & Covered Conditions

OAM/Metro Sports Medicine offers a continuum of services and treatments—from preventive care and standard checkups to acute care and rehabilitation. Some of the services provided and conditions treated by the physicians of OAM/Metro Sports Medicine include:

Who We Work With

At OAM/Metro Sports Medicine we work with your team, your school, your club, your family, your kids. We work with you. Our passion is your physical performance and health, helping you reach the goals you set for yourself.

Events & Clinics

There are lots of local opportunities to keep fit and stay active. OAM/Metro Sports offers medical care at events throughout the area, ensuring you can enjoy your sport without worry. Check out our sponsored events and make a note of our upcoming clinics, training seminars and panel discussions on healthy living. You can also contact us if you want OAM/Metro Sports Medicine to help sponsor or play a role in your local event.

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